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There are five progressive programs covering five key certifications, where the critical first three courses are to seek professional certification, and the remaining two courses area associated with specific areas of expertise.



A way to prepare for reentry, and improve universal training that leads to a strong career in newly developed industries.

Entry level opportunities where traditional qualifications can be overcome after training through a collaborate experience, reducing known risk(bonding program, incentives, etc.)

Where entry level jobs, may not be a $50K job, it is a process that qualifies for jobs at some tech support operations (about $30-$50k year).

A way to enhance programs already established within the transitional programs available.

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Note: This business model simply put, draws on a multitude of business subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, finance, operations, and marketing, and describes how the program positions itself within the value chain of the technical services industry, and how it intends to sustain itself, that is to generate revenue.

Reintegrate citizens into the community, reduce prison recidivism, and improve public safety.

By helping people achieve more, and solve their problems in a caring value-added way.

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Of the fifteen (15) individuals that have completed the certification process, as of 1/15/15 those cohorts continue to provide support to themselves, families, and community through several outlets.

Our examples of success are actually measured by the decrease in recidivism, but extends to the growth and maintenance of the family with male presence or involvement, to produce a healthy community overall.

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Pushing the Envelope



What if there were an innovative idea that would provide self-sustaining revenues and, more importantly, growth sustaining free cash flow and profits?

And, what if the project’s status itself provides the "killer app" to exploit a major business paradigm shift, in the approach to reducing recidivism, by strengthening family and job opportunities?

The proposed three member partnership would be between Cisco Network Academy/The Veteran’s Rehabilitation Program/and Maximum Balance Foundation promises to offer such an opportunity.

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