Maximum Balance Foundation LLC

We are Re-Booting

Who we are

MAXIMUM BALANCE FOUNDATION FPC is an experiential social enterprise investment company comprised of a opt-in database if consumers, and multiple retail partners.

We derive revenue through out day-to-day operations through the sale of Popcorn Poppa products; and The Coffee Bike to support initiatives involving to brands for example the Cisco Network Academy.

1. On any given day our partners are creating direct response programs to communicate with current customers, launching consumer promotions to create a spike in retail sales or managing incentive-based efforts to motivate resellers.

2. We help provide both the infrastructure, and management guidance for more comprehensive programs that can span an entire enterprise, including CRM programs, that initiate and sustain relationships throughout a customer lifecycle.

3. We achieve investor results through lease-purchase arrangements, contract factoring, and monthly subscription fees where social enterprise needs are the drivers.
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