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Maximum Balance Foundation is a 100% privately funded and community-supported organization, and our success rate is unmatched: more than 1% of all San Francisco CityLab families go on to achieve long-term housing and financial stability, and do not return to incarceration.

The CityLab Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is a true collaboration between private support (TechShop), and Cisco-Meraki that offers:

  • Media-rich, business-relevant information from expert sources
  • Tools and technologies that help enable business success
  • A central point for business people to meet, share, mentor, and do business with each other

Cisco-Meraki authorized training organizations connect participants with:

  • People, including facilitators, program managers, business coaches, and guest speakers
  • Facilities, including computers and broadband Internet access
  • Local, business-relevant information that’s added to the course materials provided by Cisco

The many benefits of the CityLab Cisco Entrepreneur Institute include:

  • Fostering and enabling entrepreneurs locally
  • Helping create jobs in local economies
  • Encouraging innovative solutions and business opportunities to address challenges
  • Improving the success rate of new entrepreneurial ventures
  • Helping to grow and sustain economic growth in the communities where Cisco does business

It also provides a real-life laboratory for national brands, NGOS, and government entities to achieve social and environmental innovation.

We work with nationally recognized brand names and local contractors, government and non-governmental organizations to showcase a joint venture approach to how America can rebuild with green methods and employ the previously unemployable.

Inherent Knowledge is a social change organization whose mission is to provide equitable financial services that create pathways out of poverty.

Together working with companies like Cisco, to deliver training to incarcerated individuals, we create a path, we call START SMARTER.

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