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Big Dreams. Big Ideas (Presented as a finalist in Dell’s Big Dreams Big Ideas 2007 Campaign.

We began with our own questions; What if there were an innovative, non-profit that would provide self-sustaining revenues and, more importantly, growth sustaining free cash flow and profits? Moreover, what if the non-profit's status as a non-profit itself provides the "killer app" to exploit a major business paradigm shift? Finally, what if the non-profit’s strategy was to accomplish its goals while changing the face of fundraising from the traditional method of grants and donations, to a model that creates partnerships, where both the partners and benefactors derived significant financial, and civil benefits? We found our answer, if you are interested in more information please click here. Every so often, our expectations of what is possible change. A new idea, an inspired invention, a resourceful person or group appears and alters the way we think about the world. Suddenly, sending a man to the moon, sprinting a mile in under four minutes, replacing a human heart with an artificial one, and redefining the face of inner city economic development are no longer laughable propositions. We owe every quantum leap in our evolution as a society to those sorts of catalysts. You are about to meet an organization that is in the business of changing expectations. We hope to reshape reality - so that poor families can earn a living wage, and redefine their future, can get better health care, their kids can attend college, all the while working to improve their communities from the inside out. Many of use view the world’s most daunting problems as impossible challenges. However, Maximum Balance Foundation sees the world's problems as just . . . problems, ones that can be fixed with the right ideas and enough passion. We see how the systems that produced those problems can be reinvented; and when done right, for the right reasons, for the right purpose, your get the right results, and those results are greater effectiveness.[1] This is not only possible, but our idea is within easy reach.

Building a Cisco Network Academy

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