Leadership 2014

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Implement the Solution
Verify Full System Functionality and Implement Preventative Measures
Document Findings, Actions, and Outcomes


14 Day Trial Period (Week 2)


After documentation, there should be a clear way to determine if the problem has a market, and if so we begin the process of writing and defining the support business model, applying SROI calculations to determine investment value.


Startup Weekend is a 54 hour sprint to build a viable web business backed by CityLabs and a bevvy of top-tier internet entrepreneurs.


These individuals are competing to complete up to 100 hours of unpaid community service and offer their skills and advise as we determine which of the original ideas will set the framework for the entire class in week three, while still completing the required Cisco Network Academy Program.


The training


The concept has sprung up around the world, with Startup Weekends now taking place from Tokyo to Buenos Aires and has produced some amazing success stories like Zaarly and LaunchRock.


If you’re interested in attending a Startup Weekend near you check out more details here http://startupweekend.org


21 Day Plan Operations (Week 3)


Initiation— Moving the project from sales to the deployment team, gathering data, and managing the project kickoff
Definition— Creating customer objectives, determining measures ofsuccess, and solution requirements
Configuration— Building and delivering the solution and training yourstaff
Deployment— Complete usertesting, preparation and roll out ofthe solution
Expansion— Adjusting the solution to enhance effectiveness and results and drive user adoption
Transition— Close the project and transition to the Support team
Begin Operations.

Looking ahead

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